We make your profits visible and provide transparency in a language that everyone can understand

IKR Consulting Group is an energetic organisation that focuses on giving you a comprehensive overview of your purchasing agreements. At the same time, we provide targeted improvements to ensure profitability throughout the lifetime of your agreements.

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IKR delivers transparency and predictability in your contractual relationships



We have developed a unique analysis concept that ensures significant savings, even on your best agreements.



We can help you with competition exposure in areas that require immediate action or where an impartial business partner such as ourselves is needed.


Agreement Follow-Up

By kick-starting your follow-up on agreements, we make it possible for you to innovate as we help you regain control.


Many others already make use of IKR Consulting Group's expertise


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Why IKR?

  • We use thoroughly tested methods and systems. This ensures that you can focus on individual agreements throughout their lifecycles.

  • We construct a reliable and accurate picture of the situation within the product area in your organisation.

  • We scrutinise potential areas where costs can be reduced, and subsequently we help you to realise potential benefits.

  • By choosing us, you are outsourcing the task to specialists with many years of experience.

  • We know potential barriers to change and make sure that we meet targets in the best possible way for your organisation.

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