Why have IKR as business partner?

The history behind our success


IKR Consulting Group A/S became a reality in 2002. We embarked on the public market, which for a long time had sought our assistance, with a very specific desire to be our customers’ 100% independent advisor that always has their needs as a starting point.

In the first years, we assisted in solving tasks within analysis, competition exposure and agreement follow-up for a large number of public and private organizations, both nationally and internationally, within the niche area of copying and printing.

Solid results in the form of changed purchasing behaviors and significant savings for our customers have proven that our concept works and we thereby felt ready to take the next step and ensure greater efficiency within many other areas in the organizations’ portfolios of agreements for goods and services.

Over the years, we have witnessed an ever-increasing focus on other areas within purchasing and tendering with big demands on price and quality optimizations as well as profit realization in connection with this. At the same time, very close attention is being paid to agreement follow-up, which is a prerequisite for maintaining control of the portfolio of agreements for goods and services.

Against this background, we have developed a unique concept that creates transparency about your purchase agreements. Our specialists are involved at each stage of the agreements’ life cycle. By helping you to focus on and maintain every single agreement, they make it possible to keep agreements active and suited to your needs.

Thus, the full profit realization is achieved through continuous improvements and innovation in the agreements. We ensure a proactive approach throughout the lifetime of your agreements, so the agreements are constantly followed up.



Passion for our colleagues and our customers in this order. Our employees are our basis of existence. By putting our employees first, we ensure a strong collaboration that creates commitment to our customers. We can create a unique customer experience together if all employees feel comfortable, appreciated and dressed for the tasks.



We have the desire and ability to deliver solutions of highest quality that exceed the customers’ expectations. We exceed our competitors’ ability by being unique and focused on our niche area.



We must always ensure that our customers’ integrity is maintained and that each task is carried out based on the customers’ current and future needs and wishes. High business ethics and morals should characterize us and help us winning our customers’ trust and establishing a constructive cooperation.



We search, find and test new solutions and constantly stay ahead of the market’s needs and expectations of us. We want to lead the development of new services and dare to act untraditionally.



Our consultants are our basis of existence

Complex business areas are a large part of our consultants’ work every day. Their unique knowledge and experience from working with purchasing and competition exposure in many areas make it possible for us to communicate in a common language with our customers. The consultants possess in-depth knowledge of our customers’ needs and the challenges that arise and often grow in the customers’ daily operations as time goes on.

Ownership of and responsibility for the task are values that reflect all of our consultants. Being the difference between really good and really bad is what determines success with us. We can contribute to the success in your organization and help you regain control of your agreements if you have lost them. That is the difference between what went wrong then and how things should work in the future. We want to be that difference for you.

Cooperation is a matter of trust and it is essential that we harmonize the expectations of each other from the very first day and agree on how our future cooperation will proceed.

A close, honest and dynamic collaboration must be the foundation on which to build our common success.





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