Why IKR Consulting Group?


Our history

IKR Consulting Group A/S is 100% impartial. Established in 2002, we are not associated with any specific finance company, manufacturers or software suppliers.

We have a neutral approach to solution design, and use several of our own intelligent tools to ensure the highest quality in our consulting services within each performance area.

Our impartiality and independence from suppliers provides us with the opportunity to ensure we create a best-in-class solution that suits your needs.

Whether you are looking for our impartial counselling on copy machines and printers, our management services for any types of contract within many product areas, or our consulting services on energy efficiency and savings, you are ensured an independent and impartial partner. We give you a transparent approach to the business area via our many specialists.



Our consultants

Our consultants work with some of the largest agreements in Europe, and have fully implemented agreements for large and small clients, as our many clients can confirm. For more information see references.

We can help both public and private organisations, nationally and internationally. Our consultants work all over the world from Denmark and Sweden.



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