Agreement Follow-Up

By kick-starting your ability to manage and follow-up on agreements, we make it possible for you to innovate as we help you regain control. We have developed a number of tools, which can be adapted to fit your organisation and level. We know that following up on agreements is an ongoing process that is central to your success and your co-operation with internal stakeholders as well as your suppliers.


Savings Year after Year

In the analysis phase we dig deep into the foundation, identifying any loose ends and setting a new course to give us new tools for situations that call for negotiation, supply or termination.

You will be able to identify your obligations and take advantage of your rights within the agreements, and ensure that the purpose of the agreement becomes crystal clear as opposed to an irrelevant, passive agreement. Agreements need to have a purpose. If an agreement does not fulfil its purpose, it needs to be terminated or resupplied.

We know that there are great profits to be had when working with agreements in a targeted and proactive manner and by establishing simple processes for follow-up.



A Selection of Benefits When Working With IKR


Fewer invoices


Adapted range of products


Quality to match your expectations


Less risk


Increased value from better use of terms in agreements


Fewer contracts


Fewer suppliers


Better prices


Better support for your business


Documented profit taking


Improved service


A happier organisation





Ongoing follow-up on agreements is a prerequisite for maintaining control and saving money

Before building a partnership with regard to the management of and follow-up on agreements, we will already have conducted an analysis in which we uncover the foundations for management and follow-up and implement these in the new structure.

Follow-up on agreements and the regained control ensures solid profit taking throughout the lifetime of the agreement and a lasting overview. An overview that makes it possible for you to make the right decisions, every day. Both because you can base it on stronger data, and because your suppliers know that they are monitored and held responsible within the terms of your agreement.

This ensures constructive and targeted meetings with your suppliers, where the conversation is always based on a current and precise definition of the situation.



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We have developed a unique analysis concept that ensures significant savings, even on your best agreements.




We can help you with competition exposure in areas that require immediate action or where an impartial business partner such as ourselves is needed.