Your purchasing and economy function will be transformed into a function with a strategic and commercial focus by keeping track of your agreements and taking a targeted approach to them throughout their lifetime.



Regain Control of your Agreements

By analysing your total purchasing volume across products and services, we can identify areas with profit potential within most of your agreements. Aside from profit taking, the level of service will also improve significantly, and you will achieve a well-adapted range of products that suits your current and future needs. At the same time, you reduce risk by keeping track of the terms in your agreements and establishing a proactive approach towards your suppliers and management of agreements moving forward.


The implementation strategy will guide your future decision-making

The analysis will result in an implementation strategy, delivered to you after the analysis phase. It will, among other things, be the basis of decisions to be made in regards your purchasing agreements, i.e., whether certain areas need to be renegotiated or exposed to competition, or whether behavioural changes and/or adjustments need to be introduced. At the same time, internal, organisational decisions may need to be made.




Let’s Talk

We would love to talk to about how our knowledge can benefit your organisation.




We can help you with competition exposure in areas that require immediate action or where an impartial business partner such as ourselves is needed.



Agreement Follow-Up

By kick-starting your follow-up on agreements, we make it possible for you to innovate as we help you regain control.