We Secure Your Data

At Contractpedia, we take data security very seriously.

To us, the privacy and security of our customers is very important. It is for this reason that we protect your data in a highly professional way using modern practices. With Contractpedia you can be sure that all your contracts, documents and records are safe and secure at all times. No one can see your contracts and other data in Contractpedia. You can of course control who has access by assigning external advisers. Trusted people who are approved by you, such as accountants, lawyers and business consultants, can get access to your data in Contractpedia.

Your data is secured in our Data Center. We partner with BTT Group – a professional IT company having extensive experience in providing IT services and Cloud solutions on the Baltics and Scandinavia. It specializes in Cloud services and integrated IT management services, including daily management and maintenance of servers, computers, network equipment. The table below will give you more details about how your data is protected and safe.

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ISO9001 standard in quality control. “Uptime Institute” Tier III reliability
certificate, ISO 27001 information security management system.


Fire detection system, Multi-sensor smoke detection system, Fire suppression
system, Gaseous suppression agent – “Novec 1230”, Building has 60-minute
resistance, Automated anti-flood system, Building in a building concept.


CCTV system (inside and outside), Zoned access control system based on
proximity card, Intrusion detection system, Access list, Bio-metric fingerprint
scanner on request, Customized security systems on request, On-site
guards, Monitoring, Network Operation Center, Technical staff.


Power usage effectiveness (PUE) index is 1.3, which is much higher than the
international average of 1.7. Power supply 1 MW (dual-feed), Transformers – 2
units of total power 2,5MVA, Power distribution 230V / 400V AC (2N),
distributed via dual independent feeds to cabinet level (BUS BAR
system). Power density 1-7 kW per cabinet (as standard), Up to 30 kW per
cabinet (high density). UPS system 400 kW static UPS (both power
feeds), Diesel Gensets – 3 units of total power 1,5 MW (N+1), On-site 3 tanks
(1.3 tons of diesel each).

Backup and data recovery

Customer data is automatically copied to the daily backup storage. The advanced
backup service is able to restore 28 days backups on service time. Additional
backup services are provided per customers request.


External routing: Diverse routing via ducts entering the building from 2
opposite locations. Cables are routed securely to the ODF in the
MMR. Internal routing UTP, SMF, MMF – on request. Fibers: “Data Logistics
Center”, “TeliaSonera”, “Skaidula”, “RAIN”. Some of the carriers in DC and
network: “Cogent”, “Exatel”, “RETN”, “TeliaSonera”, “Avelacom”, “Globalcom”,
“Orange”, “Tele2”.

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