Our specialists bring unique knowledge and experience of efficient purchasing to the table


IKR creates transparency for your purchasing agreements. Our specialists are involved at each stage of the agreement’s life cycle. By helping you to focus on and maintain every single agreement, they make it possible to keep agreements active and suited to your needs.

Thus, the full profit realization is achieved through continuous improvements and innovation in the agreements. We ensure a proactive approach throughout the lifetime of your agreements, so the agreements are constantly followed up.

Agreement follow-up takes place through constructive dialogue meetings with your suppliers. The meetings ensure that the agreed quality, pricing and delivery time are followed and that the product or service matches your purpose with the purchase and the need that has to be satisfied.

In addition, we make sure to terminate or extend your agreements where it makes sense, and we do this proactively to avoid unnecessary and usually expensive and disadvantageous extensions of existing agreements.



We have developed a unique analysis concept that ensures significant savings, even on your best agreements.




We can help you with competition exposure in areas that require immediate action or where an impartial business partner such as ourselves is needed.



Agreement Follow-Up

By kick-starting your follow-up on agreements, we make it possible for you to innovate as we help you regain control.




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