We help to create an overview of the contracts and put an end to unnecessary costs.

IKR specialists help you get your contracts out of the drawer and into the cloud. We give you a clear picture of your financial commitments and ensure that you are aware of contract periods and notice periods, to avoid automatic renewal. We cover areas such as software, cars, consulting agreements, cleaning, office rentals, hot drinks dispensers, telephony, services maintenance, and much more!

Our specialists and cloud-based software give you an overview of important information for your contracts in a simple and organised manner, making it easy to be in full control.

We make it easy and provide a solid foundation to get you off to a successful start, enabling you to focus on your core business. Don’t worry, you are not the only company that struggles to stay in control of all of its contracts and find the terms to which it has agreed. In fact, our analyses show that companies don’t know where up to 60% of their agreements are. Many of these agreements have been lost in emails or left in physical archives by employees who no longer work for the company.

Why IKR?
• We maintain a keen focus on the task and ensure that you collect and organise all of your agreements.
• We help you to save money internally and get an overview of ongoing commitments.
• We help you to avoid unwanted extensions to agreements.
• Our experienced contract specialists ensure that you remember important details from individual agreements and the terms you have agreed with your suppliers.
• We are 100% independent.


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