Independent Contract Overview

It can often be difficult to maintain an overview of contracts and subscriptions within all types of products and services. Most organisations simply don’t have the resources to maintain, analyse and evaluate contracts and agreements, as well as keep an eye on the new risks that continuously arise in a dynamic world.

Working with IKR ensures that all contracts and subscriptions are detected and registered. We give you a comprehensive overview of your commitments and expenses and make sure you avoid any unwanted agreement extensions.

There are a number of advantages to improved contract management, in addition to cost savings and better utilisation. IKR helps you to:
• Understand the actual costs of all commitments by laying out all costs and the total remaining commitment with each supplier.
• Configure reminders and email messages, if a contract must be revised for the purpose of termination, extension or to ensure that it is still necessary.
• See the current status of your commitments and expenses with suppliers under the contracts you have signed, via monthly reports.
• Stay in control of your contracts and assets associated with employees and departments.


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