Agreement Management

Typically, ongoing contract maintenance is a neglected area. We ensure that you maintain an overview and control during the entire contract period. You will also be able to get the gains and reach the full savings potential discussed during the optimisation and signing of the new agreement. We will function as an advisor for all of your departments, and we will provide you with a direction and a strategy for each contract and related products.

We will generate useful analyses continuously throughout the contract period, keeping opportunities for optimisation in mind. You will have access to the same information as we do. Our specialists ensure that all savings are visible. By letting IKR handle contract management, you will be able to cut down on many unnecessary expenses and internal resources, and thus be able to focus on your core business.

You will have a complete overview of your product portfolio and contractual commitments at all times.

Advantages for you:
• Completely impartial counselling from our specialists.
• Ongoing analyses as well as visibility of technical and financial resources.
• Project management.
• Ongoing monitoring of agreements and products, so that we will always know your situation in supplier status meetings.
• Cost management throughout the contract period, and efficiency improvements with new savings whenever possible.
• Review of services throughout the contract period, and correct termination of agreements in case of changes.


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