We will help you track printed documents and enforce GDPR compliance

Most of the GDPR efforts are targeting digital data. But what about the documents when they have left the printer? Are your printed documents handled in a GDPR compliant way? A document with personal data left at the desk or not archived correctly can constitute a data breach which can be very costly for the organisation.

The target of this GDPR module is to help our customers avoid such scenarios with a simple way of adding a status on the printed documents on a scheduled basis.


Create your schedule

Configure your GDPR profile—how often employees should update their compliance. Enter the frequency as an interval in days and when reminders should be sent.

Track who is compliant

The user overview includes information about current compliance status, delayed confirmations and all you need to secure that everyone is compliant.

Document user compliance

All approvals are logged under each person making it easy to document compliance. All versions are automatically stored for documentation.

Create other GDPR tasks

Add unlimited extra tasks, such as to remove non-relevant emails and clean up the network folder. Ask users to confirm these GDPR tasks.



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