Optimisation & Savings

Over the last 10 years, IKR has developed a unique concept, which makes our clients experts in understanding their copy and print portfolio and contracts in a completely new way. We know that most organisations simply don’t have the expertise or the resources to analyse and evaluate print volumes, changing needs, invoices and contractual obligations, as well as keep an eye on new risks and opportunities that arise in a dynamic world.

Our web-based solutions and specialists on-site will ensure that we detect all gaps in your contractual obligations, needs, and any security breaches. Following the optimisation, where we create a reliable and accurate picture of the situation within the area in your organisation and of any savings potential, we will provide you with a unique overview.

Advantages for you:
• Unique, independent overview of your current copy and print situation.
• Expert assessment of the main agreement and subagreements, needs and machine placement in each department.
• Secure and successful methods tested in more than 500 public and private companies.
• Reduced risk of error.
• Significant savings, not just on print and copy costs, but also on internal resources.


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