Purchasing & Procurement

IKR has more than 10 years of expertise in the field of public and private procurement. This ensures that you get the best deals on new products and related services.

Procurement is a complex task, and there are more requirements than ever before in order to ensure the best prices and solutions.

Over the years, we have accrued significant experience in:
• Agreements applicable to international companies as well as large, medium and small private companies.
• Direct allocation to municipalities, regional bodies and national authorities.
• Formalised acquisition processes such as tenders under the EU’s procurement directive.
• Allocation of contracts subject to framework agreements via mini-tenders.

IKR ensures that your specific needs are tended to throughout the process, and that we listen to and work closely with your employees, who are associated with the project. Our proven processes are of high quality and make sure that nothing is left to chance. We cover all facets of the deal.

If you wish to use IKR’s services only for part of the process, we will be more than happy to help. We can also advise on all applicable framework agreements if you already use one of these, nationally and internationally.

Advantages for you:
• Secure and successful methods tested in more than 500 public and private companies.
• Significant savings, not just on costs of machines and services, but also on internal resources.
• Help from specialists regarding technical requirement specifications.
• Good project implementation guaranteed.
• Advice on potential barriers to change, to make sure that targets are met in the best possible way.


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