The purchasing function is responsible for numerous complex tasks that are often subject to tight deadlines and a constant pressure to deliver while managing multiple projects. The requirements for task solution are bigger than ever when talking about getting the best prices and the best solutions from the best suppliers. There are numerous laws and rules that needs to be observed and, at the same time, it is vital that the purchasing function has a close, trustworthy and honest co-operation with its suppliers. It is a challenge to succeed in all aspects, because as a purchaser you often feel that things change in contracts over 4-6 years in relation to what was agreed.


Who is responsible for your tenders?

Based on the analysis, it is possible to identify supply areas that should be exposed to competition according to certain parameters. For example, you might wish to reduce the number of suppliers, adapt your range of products, and ensure that the price and terms of delivery are exposed to new competition.




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We can help you with competition exposure in areas that require immediate action or where it would ideal to have competition exposure reviewed by an impartial business partner such as ourselves. It could be an area that requires a thorough analysis and therefore updated data in order to carry out a successful offer.



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We have developed a unique analysis concept that ensures significant savings, even on your best agreements.



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By kick-starting your follow-up on agreements, we make it possible for you to innovate as we help you regain control.